MAGICAL MONDAYS WEEK 4: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Film


I think I would have to say that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is one of my favourite movies. I really enjoy the storyline and I think that the book was adapted well – there wasn’t anything I was too sad to see had been cut out.

Lockhart is a brilliant character and Kenneth Brannagh played him just as I imagined he would be – utterly smarmy and in love with himself. The Cornish Pixie scene is one of my favourites, and Neville’s ‘Why is it always me?’ is something which I quote on a regular basis – Neville-ish things often seem to happen to me for some reason…!

I also think, considering how early on in the series this film was made (13 years ago!) the special effects in the basilisk and Aragog scenes were fairly impressive. Dobby was also done very well too, with his huge round eyes and knobbly knees. I would love to have him living with me, though as a free-elf of course!

I can’t remember the first time I watched the film, but I do distinctly remember watching it in the car on the way to Wales with my family when I was about eleven. It was in the days when portable DVD players had become all the rage and my sister and I loved devouring films in the back of the car whenever we went on holiday. The reason I remember it so clearly was because I made the mistake of opening the window, and the Chamber of Secrets DVD case flew out of the car 😦 Of course, we had to go back for it and did actually manage find it, although the special features DVD was cracked beyond repair. I was sad about that, because I loved the actor interviews that were on it – but at least we had the actual movie, even if it was in a slightly crushed and dented box!

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