Throwback Thursday Week 5: Ruth Rendell


This week’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ photo is one of me reading a Ruth Rendell collection. I was on holiday in the Cotswolds with my family in the summer of 2010. I had just finished my GCSEs and was looking forward to a carefree summer with plenty of books and no revision!

I am a big fan of Ruth Rendell. I think this book is one of her Wexford collections. I like the Wexford series but not as much as I like her standalone crime/mystery/psychological thrillers. I love the way she can interweave character’s lives in a way you could never imagine but is realistic all the same. I find these books give a good psychological insight into the slightly strange lives we lead as humans, and they normally have some crime/mystery as the basis of the story too which is my favourite genre. Some of my favourites are probably ‘A Judgement in Stone’, ‘Thirteen Steps Down’ and ‘A Sight for Sore Eyes’. I also enjoy her short story collections. If you haven’t read Rendell before, and you like mysteries, I would definitely recommend you give one a go.

If you’re interested have a read of my previous review on ‘The Keys to the Street’ by Ruth Rendell

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