Throwback Thursday Week 6: Lucy Daniels

I was obsessed with dolphins when I was younger. My room was dolphin themed, my parents got me a dolphin adoption through the WDC for my birthday, and I dreamed of someday swimming with dolphins. My parents have continued to donate to WDC, even over 10 years later, and so I still get regular updates about my dolphin ‘Spirit’.


These are three dolphin books that I read many times during my dolphin phase. Having always been an animal lover, I adored all the Animal Ark books when I was younger, but ‘Dolphin in the Deep’ was definitely my favourite. The other two are from the ‘Dolphin Diaries’ series by Lucy Daniels, and I can remember reading them on holiday in Portugal when I was about 8 years old. I would read a few pages and then go and splash around in the swimming pool with my own imaginary dolphins. I did actually get to see a dolphin show during that holiday, but no swimming was involved unfortunately.

I still love dolphins, not quite as obsessively, but I haven’t yet had the chance to swim with them. Hopefully some day in the future I will!

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