In the Dark by Daniel Fox


RATING: ★★★★☆

‘My name is Steve Lewis. I know this because it’s one of the few things I remember. I have a wife, a son and I run a successful business. I know this because that’s what they tell me. I remember things that aren’t true. I forget things that are. I see things and people that aren’t real. You see, I have brain damage…and that’s the only rational explanation for things like this.’

I was sent a copy of In the Dark by the author, Daniel Fox, in exchange for an honest review. After reading the description of the book I knew it was definitely something I would pick to read and didn’t hesitate to agree.

The story begins with Steve Lewis waking in hospital from a coma. There is a blonde woman by his bed who is thrilled to see him awake…but he has no idea who she is. When the doctor arrives they explain that he had some sort of accident and is suffering from amnesia. He cannot remember anything from his life that occurred after he went to college. The blonde woman tells him that her name is Lisa, and that she is his wife. They have a young son called Tyler together. Even when she explains this to Steve, it does not help to spark any memories or recognition.

After he has been checked over by the doctors and cleared to be discharged, Steve must face the reality of going back to a home and life that he has no memory of. When Steve returns home, strange things begin to happen. Things he can’t explain. As they become progressively more impossible Steve begins to lose a sense of what is and isn’t real, and has no idea who he can trust.

In the Dark was one of those books where I couldn’t even begin to work out what was going on – I just had to keep reading to find out. It definitely kept my attention and had me trying to work out all sorts of possible solutions in my head. The climax of the story is action-packed and tense and I thought it was a really clever ending.

In the Dark is a well-written, gripping psychological thriller that can definitely mess with your head as you try to work out what is going on!

You can buy a copy of ‘In the Dark’ on Amazon

To find out more about the author, Daniel Fox, you can visit his website


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