The Keystone Staff is a new fantasy novella by Danny F. Santos. It is the first in a fantasy series called the Aeonlith Saga and will be available on Amazon from November 30th 2015. The description certainly grabbed my attention, so read on to find out more about this exciting new book!




Aeonlith Saga Book 1: The Keystone Staff – The Aeonlith powered the magick abilities of the Wardens for centuries.

Kera is just a young Warden working in the Citadel’s library when the High Council orders her to accompany Jorthen deep into rival territory to find a powerful holy relic. Tensions run high but when they charter a merchant airship to smuggle them across the Disc Sea, she’ll begin to unravel secrets as their covert trip threatens to cause an all out war.


Q: What was your inspiration for the book?
A: The Aeonlith Saga was originally based on two separate story ideas: a science-fiction story set on a human colony on a distant planet and a post-apocalyptic/neo-medieval fantasy set on Earth in the future. After developing both of them off and on, I realized the two stories could intersect each other in a very interesting way, set in a more high fantasy surrounding. They also shared similar enough themes so it just made sense to take them apart and rebuild them into a single story.

Q: What influence(s), if any, did you draw on while writing the book?
A: Strangely enough, the story of Galileo Galilei building his own telescope. The concept of using a device to enhance a natural ability really appealed to me and made sense within the context of magical ability. In the books, a Warden needs to draw on a power source and refract it through a lens. Another influence is actually a Shakespearean play which I’ll leave nameless for now, but it is one of my favorites!

Q: In The Keystone Staff, you’ve crafted an elaborate world rich with history. Did you face any challenges in creating the mythology?
A: I’m still facing challenges! The history of this world very much informs its present day but I found creating a world map really helped craft the backstory outside of just the Disc Sea and its surroundings. There’s a lot that’s only hinted at in the first book which will probably get fleshed out in future books if and when the need arises.

Q: Kera and Jorthen, Fitch and Vessa, Kera and Fitch — there are many character pairings and dynamics fleshed out in the Keystone Staff. Which is your favourite?
A: It’s definitely Fitch and Vessa’s relationship. While they’re not related by blood, they share a sibling relationship developed over the course of penning the book. How they relate to each other was a surprising thing to discover as I was writing.

Q: Jorthen is arguably the most polarizing character in The Keystone Staff. How would you describe his motivations?
A: Jorthen is one of the most seasoned characters in the book and understands the value of bending the rules. He’s actually the most Shakespearean of the characters in The Keystone Staff who believes in doing the right thing at any cost.

Q: What can you tell us about the upcoming book(s)?
A: The next book will be called The Gateway Cities and will bring a few new interesting characters into the fold. There’s also a story issue that was brought up several times in The Keystone Staff that comes to a head in the second book. I have major events plotted out for future books whose seeds have already been planted that lead to the series’ ultimate conclusion.

Q: In addition to the Aeonlith series, you’re also working on an album. If you had to choose a song for each character’s soundtrack, which one would it be?
Jorthen – David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World
Kera – For Esme – Just Yet
Vessa – Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun
Fitch – Audioslave – I Am the Highway
Yominai – Garbage – Push It
Luindre – Bob Dylan – Blowin’ in the Wind


Danny is a writer, author, and content creator for traditional and new media. He is also a multidisciplinary artist known for visual arts, acting, directing and music. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

If you’re interested you can find out more about Danny and ‘The Keystone Staff’ at the following links:



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