Dance With Me by Louise Doughty

A man dies one week after re-writing his will, leaving everything to a woman he has known for only three weeks. As Bet investigates Peter’s past, she discovers that her ex-lover was not all that he seems.

Iris has a different sort of ghost to confront as strange things happen all around her.

I’m a fan of stories when someone discovers something they never would have imagined about their partner (A Good Marriage by Stephen King, for example) so when I read the blurb of this book I imagined it would be the sort of thing I would like. In fact, I hated it.

I found it so confusing I don’t know how to even review it! I think I might have missed the point, or maybe some part of the story went over my head but it definitely isn’t one I would recommend. If has read it and can explain it to me I would be very grateful!



3 thoughts on “Dance With Me by Louise Doughty

  1. Nicola Sarah says:

    Thats a shame you didn’t like it. I felt the same about a book I read recently called “The Ice Twins”. It left me feeling confused, like I had missed something really big :/

    • aliceandthebooks says:

      It was just such a confusing story line and I don’t think it was tied up very well at the end – but maybe that was the point, so you could decide for yourself but it just left me with questions!

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