The Districts Tag

Reinreads has done this tag on her lovely blog and as soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to attempt it. The tag involves finding 12 books related to the different districts of the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. I found some of the categories quite difficult, so I apologise if the links are a bit tenuous!

District 1: Opulence

A book where there is a clear display of luxury.


This is the only book I could find on my shelf where that was set in an obviously wealthy society. It is about a rich girl entering her first London society season. It was given to me for my birthday ages ago and admittedly I didn’t really enjoy it that much.

District 2: Masonry/Weaponry

A book with a lot of war or violence.


I have to admit that I haven’t read this book despite the fact that it has been on my bookshelf for years. My mum bought it for me after I had read, and enjoyed, Private Peaceful, also by Michael Morpurgo, but for some reason I never got round to reading this one.

District 3: Technology

A book with technology


For this I picked A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray (which I did a review for recently). The book is about the daughter of two famous scientists who have created a device that allows you to travel between dimensions – if that’s not technology, I don’t know what is!

District 4: Fishing

A water based book


Ruth Rendell is one of my favourite authors, and this is a good one. It is about a family in which the stepfather was found drowned in the bath. The two daughters still live in the same house which has since been converted into two separate flats. It is a classic Rendell novel which shows the intricate ways in which the lives of seeming unconnected people interweave.

District 5: Power

A powerful book


This book is ‘powerful’ in multiple ways. The story is based around the creation of antimatter, a highly powerful energy source which will cause devastation if it comes into contact with matter. It is also powerful because it shows just what can happen if new discoveries and technologies get into the wrong hands, and in many ways we are probably better off without them despite the advantages and benefits they may bring.

District 6: Transportation

A book that takes place in many locations


Agatha Christie. One of the best crime writers ever. I love the Poirot books and am aiming to read and collect all of them. The Big Four is quite different to all of the others I have read. Poirot and Hastings travel around the UK, and Europe on the trail of an international gang known as The Big Four.

District 7: Lumber

A book with manual labour


I couldn’t really find a book with heavy manual labour in it, but I thought my current read, The Help, could count. The black maids had to work long hours, doing monotonous jobs for very little money. I can’t believe the attitudes to race that were around so recently. It makes me glad that things have changed, although they still have a long way to go.

District 8: Textiles

A novel where the characters wear amazing clothes


This is one of a series of books about a woman called Daisy who solves crime mysteries in 1920s London. I love the fashion of the 1920s and wish I had been born during that time so I could have worn the beautiful styles that were commonplace then.

District 9: Grain

A book where food is scarce


Goodnight Mister Tom is a brilliant book, and I also love the film. It is set in Britain during WWII during which time there was strict rationing and so food wasn’t as widely available as it is now.

District 10: Livestock

A book that features animals


As a vet student, I feel ashamed to say that I have never read James Herriot. If you haven’t heard of James Herriot, he’s a British vet who wrote many books about his experiences as a veterinary surgeon. My mum’s friend recently found this at her mothers house and gave it to me, it is even signed by James Herriot himself, so I feel I may have to add it to my TBR list for the summer.

District 11: Agriculture

A book where the character goes from an easy life to a harsh & gritty reality


The story of Anne Frank is horrific, especially as it is only one of thousands from WWII. Her life before the war probably wasn’t ‘easy’ but it was a lot more comfortable than her survival in the secret attic rooms where she spent the last months of her life before being discovered by the Nazis.

District 12: Mining

A book that is dark and sinister


I haven’t actually read this book yet, but I have seen some of ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ film and I figured that a book about cannibalism must be pretty dark and sinister.

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at this tag! I tag any of my followers who want to give it a go 🙂

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