Throwback Thursday Week 9 – On the Canal Boat

image1 (1)

This picture was taken about 7 years ago (I would like to mention that my fashion sense and hairstyle has thankfully changed since then!). I am sitting reading on the front of the canal boat (also known as a narrow boat) my family own. I can’t remember what I was reading, but I was clearly engrossed because I didn’t realise that my mum was taking a photo.

We still have the canal boat but I have to admit that I haven’t been on it for about 3 years. I don’t really enjoy it that much because it’s a bit cramped and my bed isn’t very big/comfortable. Another thing that completely put me off was when it seemed to have been completely overtaken by spiders one time we went there – they were appearing from everywhere and I am a bit of an arachnophobe 😦

That being said, maybe I’ll make the effort to go this summer. It would make my parents ecstatic because they love it and I do sometimes enjoy lying on the roof reading a book in the sun as we sail along the canal.

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