Bookcase Tidy Up

When I got home from University I realised that my bookcase had become quite messy and so I decided to tidy it up and rearrange it.



I started by taking all of the books off the shelves and sorting them into groups, e.g. children/young adult books, factual books, fiction etc.



I realised I have a LOT of Jacqueline Wilson books...

I realised I have a LOT of Jacqueline Wilson books…

I then picked out a few of my favourite series to have out in my room, as I have run out of shelf space in my actual book case. I put all my Ruth Rendell books on my window sill, and on my desk I now have:

– The Hunger Games trilogy
– The Resistance trilogy (Gemma Malley)
– The Pretty Little Liars books I have
– My steadily growing Poirot collection


Then I put the remaining books back into my bookcase, in alphabetical order by author’s last name (I like it to be like a real library!). I keep the children/young adult and adult fiction separate and the bottom shelf is for factual and biographical books. Harry Potter has it’s own dedicated shelf, I think I have about 90% of all the published books that are related to the series!



I’m happy with the nice tidy end product, although I think it’s probably going to need some rearranging again after Christmas!

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