Holiday Reading

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a pig farm so I haven’t had endless summer days in which I can devour book after book at my leisure. Instead I relived my childhood every evening reading my old Jacqueline Wilson books. I loved them when I was younger and have at least 20 on my bookshelf. Part of the reason I returned to these old friends was forĀ inspiration. I am attempting to write a children’s book and needed ideas and guidance on the sort of language to use, length of chapters and so on. I may post a couple of chapters on here when I am happy with them, if ever.

Now, however, I have finished looking after all the little piglets and have come for a fortnight in Cyprus with my family. We are staying in a traditional cottage in the hilltop village of Pissouri, complete with pool and loungers perfect to sit and read in! This meant that my hand luggage was weighed down with plenty of books, and of course my Kindle in case I ran out of real paper pages to turn. I will try to review all the books as I read them as I now have plenty of time to do as I wish. Happy holidays!


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